I recently had the opportunity to try a new workout program, Mitch Gaylord’s Melt It Off and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  With my package, I received the following:

• The G-Ball: The G-Ball cranks up the heat on your abs, leverages your core to sculpt your upper body, while firming and toning your buns & legs. • Mitch’s Melt It OFF! Program: Meal plans, delicious recipes, workout schedule, & so much more: all your days are planned and easy!• 3 Day Melt It OFF! Kick Start: Everything you need to lose 5 pounds,
up to 2 ab inches and 1 size in only 3 days!
• Cardio Burn & Sculpt Workout: Designed to tone & tighten!• Sizzlin’ Abs™ Workout: Achieve those sculpted, rock hard 6-pack abs! • High Calorie Melt™ Workout: Burn calories to a crisp!

How it works:

How Does the Melt It OFF Program work?
The G-Ball & Leveraged Core Action!
The secret of Mitch’s exercise program is leveraged core action, using Mitch’s calorie melting weapon, the G-Ball. Each of Mitch’s innovative exercises engages the core and radiates outward targeting every major muscle in your body to sculpt beautiful abs, strong lean arms and to lift and firm the buns and legs.
“Over the years since the Olympics, I’ve trained a lot of people. Other gymnasts, athletes and people that have never worked out before. And the first thing I teach them is that our strength to do just about anything comes right from our core.”
— Mitch Gaylord: More about Mitch
Mitch’s Melt It OFF Program
Mitch’s system includes the complete Melt It OFF guide so you lose pounds fast and keep losing them. You get meal plans, delicious recipes, a rotation calendar and so much more – so all your days are planned and easy. This guide is your personal blueprint for success. The Melt It OFF program guide is a special place for you to go to every day on your journey toward transforming your body. This booklet will help you record your progress, stay motivated, and keep track of program components and your on-going reaction to your new body!*
3 Day Melt It OFF Kick Start
This 3 Day Meal Plan and Fitness Schedule will start you losing pounds, inches and size. You’ll receive an easy to follow, step by step plan for your first three days, including which exercise routines to do on each day plus a day by day calorie slimming, delicious meal plan guaranteed to drop pounds and size and firm your body fast!*
Cardio Burn & Sculpt Workout
This workout is designed to tone, tighten and build lean muscle mass. Mitch teaches you how to create the strong and lean body you’ve always wanted!
Sizzlin’ Abs™ Workout
Finally, you can achieve those sculpted, rock hard 6-pack abs with Mitch’s techniques and the power of the G-Ball. Sculpt your upper and lower abs, and your side obliques all in one incredible core workout!
High Calorie Melt™ Workout
This workout is guaranteed to get your metabolism soaring! This one hour workout is packed with all of Mitch’s top moves so you’ll burn calories to a crisp while you Melt It OFF! This powerful fat burning workout ignites your metabolism, so you’ll keep burning calories even after you’re done!*

My Thoughts:

When I received my package, I reviewed the Instruction Booklets, Meal Plan and Motivational CD before starting.  I really enjoyed the Motivational CD as it helps sync mind and body.  I think that the two go hand in hand in reaching our fitness/health goals.

In my opinion, those folks that want a fitness program that combines cardio and resistance training, would enjoy this program.  I started with the 10 Minute Melt it Off program and used it every day this past week.  I also added the other workouts on the days that I had more time.  I could feel the burn in my abs right after completing the workout.  I like that!  The 10 minute workout  was short and to the point and could be added to any one of my busy days.  All of the workouts target the whole body.  The longest workout, if done separately, was an hour or you can combine workouts to get even better results.  I also followed the meal plan as it was easy to incorporate into my day and that the whole family could enjoy.  

So, in a nutshell, it was an easy to follow program and one that I will incorporate into my workout routine.  Thank you for the opportunity to review this product!  I like trying new things and bettering my body, mind and spirit!

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Review Opportunity Provided
by Roscia
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I was not paid for this review but given a copy of the workout program for my honest opinion.

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