Pictures can speak a thousand words.  Look at these folks that took one step towards better health and ended up changes their lives.


I have been using Beachbody products for almost 2 years, started with P90X, moved up to Insanity, and I just started my first round of THE ASYLUM tonight! I started out at about 255 lbs, got down to under 170, and now I am trying to gain weight the right way by building muscle! In the after picture I am just under 190 lbs. I have never felt better or been a happier person! – David B.



Feb 1, 2012 will mark my 2 year anniversary using Beachbody Products. Insanity (2 rounds), Turbo Fire, Insanity/P90X/Turbo FIre Hybrid, Asylum. 50 lbs gone and now I’m ready to use my After Pics as My New Before! What! Ready! Bring It! – Sara B.


TurboFire/P90X hybrid and Shakeology everyday for 90 days! – Heather H.


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