Move every day!

by Laura Kelly-Pifer

I can remember the first time I started working out. It was hard getting into a routine and then finding the motivation to get up and get moving. There were a lot of days that I had to break up a workout into “bits and pieces” to make it more manageable for me. And, it was something so new to me so I had to gradually increase my pace and build my endurance. There was no way that I could keep up with friends who exercised regularly. Even today, I have my struggles yet I know that because of my fitness, I’m much further ahead than where I was.

Today, I want to share with you some simple tips that when you start applying, will add up into BIG things.

  • Research shows that it takes 60 days to form a habit. So, what you’ll need to do is pull out your calendar and circle 60 days from now. You’re going to be surprised at how much you can accomplish during this time. Every time that you workout, put an “X” on the calendar or even better, get a pack of gold stars and give yourself one. Remember how good it felt in grade school to get a gold star?
  • Workout first thing in the morning so that you’ve gone ahead and gotten it out of the way. The longer that you put it off, the more likely it won’t get done. If you do have to workout later in the day, schedule it on your calendar as you would any other appointment. You wouldn’t miss an appointment with your child’s teacher, your doctor or someone else, would you?
  • Go ahead and “redefine” yourself. If you’re taking a kickboxing class, it’s okay for you to call yourself a kickboxer. If you’re taking a swimming class, call yourself a swimmer. When you commit yourself to an activity and make it part of your identity, you want to keep it up.
  • Do you like music? I do! Go ahead and create a playlist that will keep you inspired to keep moving during your workout. I love fun and funky stuff. Studies show that when you listen to music during exercise, you’ll rev up your endurance by 15 percent.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you miss your “scheduled” workout. Instead, create a backup plan so that you get some exercise in each day. Go ahead and tally up all the small moves in your daily life like when you take the stairs, walk to the store or when you play with your kids.
  • Be positive. Go ahead and swap “should” for “want.” For example…”I should work out.” is changed to “I want to work out.” Doing this will make it feel like a reward and not a chore.
  • Reward yourself. If you’ve stayed on track, reward yourself with a new pair of sneakers or new workout clothes. Occasionally, I’ll schedule a spa service like a massage or pedicure. I like being able to treat myself after all the hard work that I’ve put my body through.

So now that you have a few tips to get you started, get out and move every day!  If you’ve been exercising for a while now, what tips would you share with someone? Comment below or on my facebook wall with what you’d share with them.

 Laura Kelly-Pifer is a Fitness Coach who strives to help others by giving hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally she is here to help you see REAL RESULTS!

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