I’m sitting here, kind of chuckling at the thought of my youngest daughter.  Why might you ask?  Well, Monday night she had her first softball practice of the season.  It was one of those nights where we didn’t know how long practice would last because we’ve had such an influx of storms.  She came home and she was a muddy mess!  Now normally, I would have been concerned about all the dirt, etc. that may have been drug in but for what ever reason, I kind of forget about it.  Her excitement was contagious!  Out of all the times she has played ball, she said this was the BEST!  It was muddy, wet and a BLAST!  And, she can’t wait for her next practice.  Neither can her friends.  🙂

Now, that is the kind of fun that I want my girls to have.  I’m thinking about things…….things that we can do this summer.  Maybe as a family we can get into a muddy mess.  I’m not sure….Hey, anything is game.  Why not?  Being active is a good thing, Right?  So, tell me…what do you and your family have planned?

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