This weekend, I had decided to try a 2 day fast so that I could shed a few pounds. I wanted to “jump start” my metabolism. I must admit that when I started it that I had every intention of not cheating and holding out until Monday morning when I could eat again. I had purchased chocolate and it was delicious.

I made it through Saturday afternoon and then I had to eat something. Most of the day, I had tried sleeping it away and my husband cooked for everyone so I didn’t have to. Eventually, I did give in and did have a few things to eat; nothing substantial though. It was okay to have fruit, water or diluted juice. I had Cheese-Its, a glass of wine and some corned beef.

I felt guilty for cheating so I started it again on Sunday, thinking that I could finish it and I did. I’m proud of myself for giving it a try but wish that I could have done better.

So, what were my results? When I weighed in, it had shown that I lost nothing. Isn’t that a bummer!? Now, I have to tell you…I didn’t follow the plan exactly and I am bloated from it being that time of the month. Tomorrow might yield better results. So you’re asking yourself, “Should I try the 2 day fast?” I think it’s worth a try but I also think that you can lose weight by making healthy choices and exercise.

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