My Angels

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

I love a good poem and what better time than observance for Father’s Day.  As we approach this holiday, I want to honor those of you who we call Dad and those of you who fulfill the role of Dad.  Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  I wish you a HAPPY and JOYFUL Fathers Day!   This poem is dedicated to you.  <3

My Angels
By: Sara E. Faircloth

As a child safe within the warmness of your embrace
Protected from the cold careless world outside
Through all the trials and tribulations that I would face
I knew that under your wings I could run and hide
You have shown understanding and compassion throughout the years
That ultimately would make me the person I should be
After all the smiles and through all the tears
I was then blind, but now I finally see
I have two angels who have fallen from the sky
Who would lift me up when I was down?
To fix my wings when I couldn’t fly
And to replace the smile that once was a frown
You’ve wiped my tears with your gentle hand
Reassuring me that everything was going to be okay
I knew that no one else could ever understand
I could read your expression, you didn’t have to say
I wish to be that child once more
But life goes on and I will stand tall
So when you need an angel, just knock on the door
And I will be your feet if ever you should fall

Source: Love Poem To Parents, My Angels

With Love,


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