Friends, not sure if you saw my post yesterday with my Eat Clean Challenge results over on my journal but I wanted to fill you in.  Here goes…

“One thing I didn’t disclose was that I was doing an even more strict version of the challenge.  It was one that included a very limited helping of fruit (1 serving per day), only fish, chicken or turkey and mostly green veggies, 5 times per day.  There were some other things but that is the pretty much what I ate all week.  I didn’t have my Shakeology but once during the week and didn’t take any of my supplements.  I missed it so!!!  My meals were steamed or grilled.  No oils were used and very limited seasoning.  Towards the end of the challenge, I began to slip.  I didn’t want to eat because I really dreaded eating the food.  It became too boring for me and became more of a chore.  I hate chores…lol.  This week, I start back to going back to the way I ate before, which is really following the guidelines that I am used to.

So, your thinking…..How did she do?  I lost 3 pounds!!! I’m VERY excited about that.  Had I followed my strict meal plan to a T, I’m sure I would have lost more.   The lesson learned though is that it’s all about being consistent and following a plan that works for you.  Don’t do something that you wouldn’t do in real life.  If you know that you hate a certain workout program, why do it.  Find something you enjoy.  Same with any meal plan.  You have to make it manageable for you.”

If you participate in any of these challenges, I hope that you find them beneficial in reaching your own goals.  It’s important to me that you do.  I have days that I struggle just like you so participating in something like this every once in a while can be fun.  My pledge to you and to all my “Sistas”, if accepted, is to be the most helpful that I can be by providing you with posts on my blog, updates on my coaching group facebook wall, twitter, etc.

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