Drumroll please…….

I took my my completed first measurements and compared them to the beginning of the program. During this phase, I lost almost 4 pounds and 2 inches. For some folks, this may not have been enough but I am ecstatic about these results. For years, I have had huge saddlebags on my thighs. They are slimming down. The muscles that I am building are making me look longer and leaner. Most of my inches lost came from my abdomen which is extremely important as fat around your mid-section is not healthy. I know that there are things that I can do better to see even better results and am working on that as I go. I must admit that this has been a hard program for me. There are times that I love it and times that I hate it. I’m making progress and seeing results so I’m sticking with it. The other thing about this and any other program is that you should at least try it for 90 days or workouts. Don’t give up because you didn’t loose as much as you had hoped for. Keep pushing play every day!

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