My Journey our of RA and Fibro

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Do you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)  or Fibromyalgia (Fibro)?  Or maybe you have a different Chronic Pain Condition.  If you are someone, like me, who needs answers on how to feel better and mange with the day to day pain, please read on.  I want to share my experience with you so that maybe some of the same things that I’ve learned, you can apply.

How long have you had RA and Fibro?  Out of the blue, almost a decade ago, I began to experience pain in my hands.  I went to the Doctor thinking it was carpel tunnel.  Never did I guess that at the age of 29, I would be diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and later, Fibromyalgia.

What do you use to treat your RA and Fibro?  Currently, I am on zero prescription medicine.  I do however use an over the counter pain reliever from time to time to manage the pain as well as Shakeology, Acupuncture, essential Oils and exercise.

What don’t you take medication?  Honestly, I didn’t like the way I felt on it.  I felt like a walking zombie and I absolutely hated the weight I gained with it.  My choice was a personal choice and not one that wasn’t well thought out.  I also had the consent of my Rheumatologist.

What would you recommend to someone who has RA or Fibro?  The biggest recommendation that I would give someone is to journal what you eat.  I found that some of the things I ate on a daily basis were causing me pain.  Once I found out what those items were, I chose to either eliminate them or reduce the amount I ate.  I also decided to eat as healthy as I could.  I began to reduce the amount of processed foods that I consumed and now eat primarily from the top two tiers of my “New You” Food guide.

It hurts too much to exercise, how do you do it?  Believe me when I say this that there are some days that it’s a struggle.  I’ve found though that any exercise routine can be modified to work for you.  Some things that I do depending on how I feel ranging from walking or Tai Cheng all the way to more intense programs like TurboFire.  I modify my workouts to work for me and my situation.

Can I lose weight while having RA or Fibro?  Absolutely!  I have lost and maintained 20 pounds in the last two years by changing the way that I ate and by adding in exercise.

 Do you have questions that are listed above?  Feel free to ask here.

Wishing you good health!


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