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Sitting here as I type this blog post out.  So much confusion and uncertainty as we are all dealing with so much these days and add on top of that a horrible illness, COVID-19, which has changed everyone’s life in some way or another.

And with that, I HAVE to look for things that make me happy, just as I would always do.  Things that make me feel grateful for being alive even in the thick of all of this and more!

So today, I want to share with you something that I was blessed enough to find.  Something that has brought me a little joy over the last few weeks and something that totally resonated resonated in what I do as a Life Coach which is raising women up and making them feel happy.

It wasn’t long ago that I got this little package in the mail and unboxed it.  To my surprise, it was mascara.  Now, you might be thinking….How does mascara make your life better?

Well, I would have probably asked the same thing if I were in your shoes.

When I opened the package, it was super cute and just gave off a good vibe.  I was excited to see a couple different items and eagerly opened each up.  There was an empowering message on each of the card which I really liked too and a fortune cookie included I thought it was a great touch.

I opened the eye makeup remover and it had a nice, crisp smell that made me light up and feel like I was at a spa, even though I’m guaranteed at home like everyone else right now.  I like that there were the reusable make up remover pads too which were really soft.

The mascara went on thick with just one application and made my lashes look full.  As I’ve gotten older, thats something that has been hard to pull of but I was happy to find that just a single application for me did the trick.

Everything worked well together when I used it to make me feel better and happier which I really did appreciate.

As I began to read through the material, I learned that this little mascara is made with over 90% of natural ingredients which really pleased me because I wasn’t putting a toxin on my body.  I also liked the fact that it stayed on when I was able to go outside in a rain/sleet mix of snow, even thought its not waterproof,  and not have it run down my face!  Not many mascaras can do that.

When I wanted to take it off for the night, I took the remover pads out and the makeup remover and it gently removed any mascara from my eyes.  Normally, I have some sort of residue left but this took care of everything.

It really brought me some happiness when I needed it and I think it could do the same for you.

If you’d like to try your own, here’s how:

Go to:  https://mylittlemascaraclub.com/ and click get started.

Here you’ll see that you can get your own trial for $9 and you can also get a free gift bag with your first order using promo code HAPPYLASHES  (case sensitive) at checkout.

There are 2 formulas to choose from.  Make your selection and then you can  request that your mascara shipments arrive every 6 weeks (we only offer a small bottle – fresher and easier to use!) or every 3 or 4 months.

It’s that easy!

I hope that you enjoy this little mascara club as much as I have!  Let me know what you think once you’ve given it a try.

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