This weekend is one of the biggest and best holidays….Independence Day. With that comes a lot of fun, food, friends and family. I love parties and I love the food that comes with them. There are lots of dishes that are typically there that I can’t make so I tend to over indulge in them. I thought today’s post would be a good reminder for us all to practice portion control this weekend. Go ahead and have some of your favorite dish, just remember what a serving size should look like.

Grain Products – What One Serving Looks Like
1 cup of cereal flakes The size of a fist
1 pancake A compact disc
½ cup of cooked rice, pasta, or potato ½ of a baseball
1 slice of bread A cassette tape

Fruits and Veggies – What One Serving Looks Like
1 cup of salad greens A baseball
1 medium fruit A baseball
½ cup of raisins A large egg

Dairy and Cheese – What One Serving Looks Like
1 ½ oz. cheese 4 stacked dice
½ cup of ice cream ½ baseball
1 cup serving of milk, yogurt, or fresh greens The size of a fist

Meats and Alternatives – What One Serving Looks Like
3 oz. meat, fish, and poultry Deck of cards
3 oz. grilled/baked fish Checkbook
2 Tbsp. peanut butter Ping pong ball

Fats – What One Serving Looks Like
1 teaspoon of oil The size of your thumb tip


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