Good news!  This is a before and BETTER story! 

The last few months have been quite the challenge and I’ve not been eating on plan or exercising like I should.  But!!!!! I’m feeling the BEST I’ve ever felt in a long time and I’m still burning fat. 

You may have seen what we’ve been doing…lots of fun that involves food and beverages on my Instagram and Facebook profiles. I thought for sure I’d gain some of what I lost back. But nope, nothing, nada, zero!

The one thing I’ve been consistently doing is making sure I drink my ketones and look at the changes it’s making! The bottom right photo was 1 year ago and the main photo was from Monday. I look SO tired and exhausted in that corner pic. 

In addition to eating what I want and blasting fat, I’m seeing…

🔥 Sustained energy
🔥 Increased focus
🔥 Suppressed appetite
🔥 Better mood
🔥 Better sleep
🔥 Muscle preservation
🔥 Anti-aging, clearer skin
and Fat loss!! 

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I’ve got a limited supply of 5 day and 10 day experiences so you can try it for yourself.  Why put off something that can change your life too. 

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