How I Reignited My Weight Loss Journey

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

This week something happened that hasn’t occurred in quite a while.  I lost weight.  3.6 pounds to be exact and I was ecstatic. 

Let me share with you how I did this and a little background information too. 

I don’t normally weight myself.  I’ve found that for me, it is better to gauge my weight loss with a pair of jeans or by the way I feel.  So, it had been quite some time that I had actually stepped on the scale.

Because I work from home, I often dress in yoga pants and tee shirts and with the extreme weather that we have had here in Pennsylvania as of late, I haven’t ventured out too much.  One day however, I had an appointment and went to zip up a pair of jeans and well…you can guess what happened.    Let’s just say that experience put a little dent in my day.

It just so happened that this situation had occurred right as we were beginning to start our Downsizers group.  One of our members posted this picture and it made me think.


(Note: I am not sure where this picture originated from to give proper credit.)

My thoughts were this…We are responsible for our bodies.  No matter the shape, the size, etc.  Our health is our responsibility.  And, when I did end up stepping on the scale, I realized that I had gained almost 10 pounds since I last weighed in.  Yikes!  How did this happen?

I sat down and thought about it and looked thru my food and exercise journal.  I realized that I had been lax on some things and that I needed to go back to the basics to reignite my weight loss journey. 

  1. I was meal planning but I wasn’t always eating as clean as I could.  Meaning, I was eating more processed foods than I had in a long time.  By the way, I noticed too that my Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis was beginning to act back up.  So back to clean eating as close as I could.
  2. I wasn’t moving as much and some of my workouts I was skipping because I was too sore.   I wasn’t taking stretch breaks while I was working.  This in turn not just affected my weight loss but I ended up with super tight hammies and a stiff lower back.  The solution was simple.  Stretch breaks every hour while I was working, adding TMT Yoga three times per week and walking every day as my body healed. 
  3. I was eye balling my portions.  Yep, it’s okay to guesstimate but I was doing a lot of that as of late.  So, I grabbed my kitchen scale and started measuring portions again.
  4. I hadn’t been eating breakfast.  Instead, I was running to my office and beginning my workday with a cup of coffee and then looking up to see it was almost lunchtime.  The fix was easy.  I had my “Skinny Shake” protein drink mix and a glass of water ready for me each morning.  Problem solved.

Just by changing these four things, I reignited my weight loss and lost 3.6 pounds.  Sometimes all we need to do is go back to the basics.  It’s as simple as that.

If you aren’t already, I encourage you to keep a food and exercise journal.  There are tons of smart phone apps that you can use or you can use pen and paper and keep track that way.   What you eat and what you do/do not do, can tell a lot about you and what changes you need to make to help you reach your goal or even feel better. 

If you need a helping hand, I’m extending mine to you.  All you have to do is grab mine.  🙂

With Love,


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