Say No To Slavery

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Last fall I did something that that I thought I’d never do.   And when I say that, it’s only because I had become quite the slave to one object.   Do you know what it was?  It was my scale.

I decided to hide that thing.  I put it away for 30 days and not once did I get on it.  It was hard but I managed to survive.   What started as a simple journey in losing weight, became so much more.  The scale, could dictate the kind of day I would have and it shouldn’t have.

Instead of celebrating just the pounds that I lose, I now celebrate non-scale victories.  Do you?  If not, maybe you should reconsider.   Since then, I’ve been able to say no to slavery.

Here are some non-scale victories worth celebrating and were posted on my facebook page recently…

Amanda H – I stopped eating chocolate (I’m an addict) and my acne cleared up majorly!

Susie K – Going into my 3rd week of Vegetarian and I feel so great. I truly do NOT miss meat.

Wendy W – OMG, I did Yoga and survived to type this! I am so sore today! I thought Yoga was for wimps! HA!

And I’ll share mine.  As I was getting ready for my weekly date night with Bob, I could not find any of my jeans.  I only have 2 pair as I’m between sizes and refuse to buy another pair.  Where they were, who knows.  Anyways, I went to my dresser, pulled out the first pair that I saw (I donated my “too big” clothes as I plan on not returning to those sizes so everything I have is smaller or at my goal.) and thought to myself….”Well, here’s the start of being disappointed.”  Low and behold, I pulled them up and they buttoned without me having to lay down on the bed to try and zip them up.  I can’t even begin to tell you how empowering that felt.

You’ll hear me say from time to time that you need to celebrate non-scale victories.  They are just as important as see the numbers on the scale move.   Seeing healthy skin, feeling better, being able to increase your endurance or energy are just a few of the things you can use to gauge your progress. 

Here’s how I track my weight loss along with the use of a scale.

  • Grab a pair of jeans or a dress you want to be able to wear.  Try these on weekly.
  • Using a measuring tape, measure weekly.
  • What’s my energy level like?  Am I tired or sluggish?
  • I also note how well I’m sleeping, any cravings I’m getting and how I’m feeling.

Sometimes you’ll see more changes within your measurements than you will by weight loss.  Don’t be discouraged though.  Every bit adds up.  Don’t be a slave to the scale and keep celebrating those non-scale victories.

Have something worth celebrating?  Our community would love to hear and join you in your victory.  Comment back.

Wishing you good health!


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