30 day Healthy Living Challenge (1)


What would life look like if you felt better, had more energy and lost weight in the process?

Think about it! Remember how good it felt? You can feel good again!!   Sometimes you just have to tweak things to fit your body and it’s needs.  I’ll share with you how I made these changes in mine.

Join me for my 21 Day Healthy Living Challenge, called‪ #‎SelfMatters‬.  It’s just 21 days of simple fitness + simple eating to get you the results you deserve.

You’ll receive….
~ Accountability and support
~ Motivation
~ LIVE calls with me, your personal Coach
~ Custom Meal Plan where we learn simple and effective portion control
~ 30 page plus Group Workbook containing tips, tools, recipes, and so much more to help you reach goal!

This group is for you if….
You lack motivation.
You have weight to lose.
You are low-energy.
You are unfit and unfocused.
You feel stuck or in a rut.
You need a positive force in your life.
You lack balance in your life.
You need accountability.
You are ready to take the next step.

There will be:

NO Expensive Gym Memberships or Contracts.
NO Embarrassing Classes. You do this in the comfort of your own home.
NO Boring Diet Food. You’ll enjoy foods that taste good and that your whole family will like.
NO Leaving Home or Getting Up Early. You’re free to workout when it fits your schedule.

Please complete the following application to be considered for this group.  Laura will be in touch.  Spots are limited.