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Share a smile, Give a Hug, Lend a Hand.

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Share a smile, Give a Hug, Lend a Hand.  It’s one of the things that I’ve been teaching my girls; that doing for others is honorable no matter how you choose to pay it forward.  I’ve tried to lead by example and show them that there can be so many blessings that come from even a small act.

That’s what brings us to where we are today.  Over the last few years as my girls have gotten older, we’ve discussed this more in depth.  They know of several organizations that they can volunteer at, that sometimes all it takes is a smile to brighten someone’s day, that buying a cup of coffee for a stranger or that by donating at a blood drive all count towards paying it forward.

And, a few months ago, our oldest, Bailey, told us that she wanted to do something to help others.  She decided that she wanted to donate her hair.

We had looked at several different organizations and did our research.  You see, some have certain requirements: length of hair, if you process your hair, etc.  Because I color my hair and have a large percent of gray hair, I don’t qualify unfortunately.

Here’s a photo of her pre-cut.  She had really grown it out.

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Before the hair can be cut, it must be measured and put into a pony tail.  This help keeps it together once it’s mailed out.

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Once it reaches the mail center, it will be matched up with other donations to complete a wig.  Wigs can then be donated to anyone in need.

I can remember a family dinner with my Mom, and at a time when she was still going through Chemo and Radiation for her Breast Cancer.  She had showed us the wig that she had on because she had lost her hair.  Her smile was so BIG and I knew it made her feel good.  I think that stuck with Bailey and when she was ready, she spoke up and told us what she wanted to do.  I’ll admit, I’m a proud Momma.  

I had hoped that they would Share a smile, Give a Hug, Lend a Hand to others and they are.  I’ve challenged them to continue and I plan on doing the same. 

With Love,


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