Are you ready???

I’ve created a challenge, just for MY CLIENTS!!  Let’s kick summer’s butt by healthy eating and regular exercise. 

30-day Shakeology Slim-Down Challenge

May 1-May 31 (yea, yea 31-days :P)

We are one month away from swimsuit season, and you know that I am BIG on doing things in a healthy manner. Well, you could reasonably lose up to 15 lbs during this challenge…in a healthy way. For real.

Here is the criteria:

1. You must be on Shakeology home direct. Here is why…we will be starting off the challenge with a 3-day Shakeology cleanse (the cleanse IS optional.) During the 3 days, you will use 9 servings of Shakeology and will run out of Shakeology before the challenge is over if not on HD. I recommend placing your order by this Friday to ensure you have it in time to start. ***The cleanse can be a challenge but we are going to do it together!!!! My typical weight loss from the cleanse is 5-7 lbs.

2. You must COMMIT to replacing one meal a day with Shakeology following the cleanse.

3. You must COMMIT to working out 5 (6 is even better) days per week and log the workouts in WOWY.

4. You must COMMIT to eating healthy daily 5 small meals (Michi’s Ladder 1 and 2) with ONE cheat meal allowed per week.

5. You must COMMIT to posting M-F (daily is even better) in our Facebook Accountability group.

6. You must COMMIT to taking before/after pictures, measurements, and weight.

If you plan to be a part of this, email me know so that 1) I can make sure that you are part of our FB group and 2) I can send you cleanse information.

Let’s kick summer’s behind!!!!!!!

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