School is coming to a end for my girls and with that, comes girls softball. They have a great time playing it and I enjoy watching them. This activity is fun and helps keep them active and entertained through most of their summer vacation. The downfall of it, is that their games are typically a few times a week and right after I get off from work. This means that I have a limited amount of time to prepare and cook dinner for my family. It’s not unheard of to hear of other families who are struggling to find something quick and easy to eat. I am always looking for ideas and suggestions to be able to share or implement within my household. Since I focus on eating healthy, I try to avoid fast food restaurants not only because of the “cheat” potential but because of the cost. I think you can find healthy alternatives but not as good as a home prepared meal. In general, planning is essential, just like with weight loss. Plan tomorrow’s dinner tonight and even better the whole week’s worth, ensuring that you have the ingredients and the time to not cheat yourself and your family of a delicious meal instead of a greasy burger and stale fries.

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