Spousal Support
By Chalene Johnson

Married 10 years, I know firsthand the importance of a supportive spouse. Even if your partner’s healthy resolve leaves much to be desired, with the right approach you can find the support you need and improve your partnership in the process. Consider variations on these five phrases when cultivating the interpersonal support you need to reach your health and fitness goals and bring you closer in the process:

1. “I couldn’t do this without you!” Let your partner know how important their help and support is to you. Everyone wants to feel needed.

2. “Want to work out with me?” Even if the likelihood of it happening is slim, frequently invite your partner to join you. Let him or her to pick the workout and you might just get a ‘yes’.

3. “Thank you!” Express your appreciation for even the smallest gesture that helps you reach your goal, even if it’s just keeping the kids busy so you can Push Play.

4. “Wanna get busy?” Even if your partner doesn’t share your healthy resolve, you both profit from your commitment. Communicate the mutual benefits of fitness, including improved energy, a boost in self-esteem, a tighter body, better health, and yes, better sex!

5. “Let’s make a deal.” Don’t expect your partner to abruptly change his/her dining habits because you do. No one likes to be forced into doing something. Make a deal. Offer to do something nice in exchange for his/her promise to “eat in” for the next 10 days.

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