When was the last time that you stepped out of your comfort zone?  I’m not talking about anything unethical or illegal but just pushing yourself a little more that what you normally would.  For me, it’s something that I’ve been working on for a while now.  Baby steps we’ll say.  
So, what have I been doing?  Well, here are just a few things….I’ve been working towards being a Full Time Work at Home Mom. My dream will come true over the next few weeks.  Is it scarey?  YES!  Is it exciting?  YES!  But I knew I had to take that leap.  I also know that most folks can’t do that kind of thing.  It’s taken me years to get to this point….a lot of hard work, long hours and the understanding and patience of many of those around me.  Next, I did my first Flip Video which I’m putting on my youtube site and on Facebook.  For some, that may not be a big deal but it is for me.  (Be sure to check it out!!)  I’ve also decided to get my Turbo Kick certification.  Just a few of the things that I’m doing to push me farther.
What I’d like for you to do is think about your goals and life and about what’s holding you back in achieving them.  Is there something that YOU can do to change that?  Email me what you plan to do to step out of your comfort zone.  I’d like to hear your comments.

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