Take a chance on you!
Everyday I come into contact with some AMAZING people.  I am so blessed to be able to work with them and get to know them.  However, most of these folks doubt that they can do things.  They doubt that they don’t deserve to have the things in life that they want.  I have to tell you that it’s not true.  You CAN have a life by design.

The time has come.  It’s time to let go of all the reasons of why you think you can’t, or why it won’t work.  Reasons like you don’t have the time, the knowledge or the right tools. These are all things that everyone struggles with but can find a way around.

Here’s the truth.  If you want it, YOU CAN DO IT.

So, for example, if you know you want to lose weight and feel better, than start with  moving.  Find a workout program that you enjoy and have fun.  Ask your friends and family to join you.

Next, comes healthy eating so you’re fueling your body so it can perform at it’s best.  And when you’re having those times where you’re eating because of your emotions, ask yourself “What’s going to help me more?” and then reach out to your coach or accountability partner for help.

If time is an issue, remember this…we all get 24 hours a day and what we do with it is up to us.  Planning and meal prepping in advance as well as finding a workout program that fits your daily schedule will be key.  But, if you want it, YOU CAN DO IT.

Retire the excuses that hold you back from creating a life you want.  Go ahead and take a chance on you.  You are worth it!!!

With Love,


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