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The #1 Tip I Give All My Healthy Living Clients

Imagine this…you’ve gained weight or you’re experiencing flares with your chronic pain condition.  Maybe it’s something different…you’re bloated, you have headaches, maybe a funny looking rash.    These can all be symptoms of food that you have consumed and could be causing a reaction in your body.

Today I want to share with you the #1 Tip that I give to all my healthy living clients.

Ready?  It’s simple.  You want to start writing down everything you eat and what happens after.  What that means is this.  Everything you consume, you’ll begin to track.  And in addition, you will want to write down any needed restroom breaks, acne, those pesky rashes, headaches you might get, etc.

Yes, I know it’s work but there are so many cool smart phone apps out there now that it can be done with ease.   Download one and give it a try.  Or, just go back to the basics and use a journal or the notes feature on your phone or computer.  What matters most is that you’re tracking and you’re finding trends.

Through this exercise, you will begin to see what foods begin to trigger these types of conditions in your body so that you can in turn, reduce or eliminate them and work on feeling better!  

When I first started doing this, it was to record the food and calories I consumed because I wanted to lose weight.  As my chronic pain intensified, I could then look back and see where certain foods made me feel yucky.  For example, potatoes and pasta are triggers for me.  I’ve learned that I have to watch the amount of sugar I put into my body so that I reduce the amount of inflammation I have.

You’re now armed with the #1 tip I give my healthy living clients.  While it might sound simple, it could help lead you to some answers you have been wanting.  It’s my honor to serve you today!

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