Where I live, today is a day that you really don’t want to go out unless you are all bundled up. It’s cold and there is lots of snow that’s fallen over the last day. It does however, give me the opportunity to do something that I typically don’t get the chance to do. This weekend, my girls and I will attempt to go sled riding. (I am hoping that there will not be a broken bone on Monday when I post again! )We live in the hills and when you get the right amount of snow, it can be a perfect family outing. You would be surprised at how many calories that can be burned up walking back up that hill to take another ride down. It’s a great form of exercise, as is skiing and snow boarding. The last two, take a little more coordination and skill than what I have at the moment. If going outside in weather like this isn’t your thing, there are many other things that you can do with your family indoors that burn calories. Here are a couple of suggestions. If you have one that isn’t on this list, please leave a comment with your suggestion.

– Roller skating (you can do it too!)
– Swimming or playing at an indoor water park
– Bowling
– Hold a Dance party for you and your kids….turn the music up and boogie!
– Indoor golf
– Indoor walking at your local mall
Wii games

Happy Friday to all!

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