Finding the right tools to help you achieve your goals is soooo important.  Here are a few that I recommend starting with.


1.  A food scale, measuring cups and spoons – Refer to the nutrition labels on the foods you buy for the proper portion sizes.  Moderation is key.


2.  A nonstick pan – The less butter and oils you cook with the more calories you save.


3.  Reusable water bottles – Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of 8 oz of water each and everyday.


4.  An oil spray can – Spritizing your oil saves many more calories that pouring it in.


5.  A pedometer, heart rate monitor or BodyBugg – Keeping track of your activity level will show you where you need to improve upon.


6.  Journal – Logging your meals, online or off, will keep you honest with yourself and where you need to make changes.


These are 6 simple steps to making a lifetime of healthy changes.  Need more help, contact me.


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