Weight Loss Proof

By: Laura Kelly-Pifer

The scale.  It’s one of the tools that we usually associate with weight loss.  However, today I want to share with you two additional effective and easy to do things to help you keep track of what’s really happening with your body.  Just some additional weight loss proof tools.

As you may already know, the scale doesn’t tell the whole story of where you’re at in your weight loss journey.  There are other things too that you can do. 

For example, I like to keep a pair of jeans that I want to fit into and then try them on weekly.  This allows me to see my progress.  I can remember the feeling up being able to pull them all of the way up for the first time.  What a phenomenal feeling!  To know how hard I’ve been working and then have proof that I was on the right track.  It was great!  Now, I’m working on getting them to button and then zip.  I’m so close!  YAY!!!!

The other thing I do is I take my measurements as an additional way to help me track my progress.  The fitness program that I’m doing actually came with a tape measurer but if you don’t have one, you’ll be able to easily find them at one of your local fabric stores.  You’ll want to do the following things:

Undress to just your undergarments.  You’ll want to do this every time so that when you measure that your clothing won’t interfere with the measurements that you take.  Yep, even a scrunched shirt sleeve can skew accuracy.

Using your tape measure, you’ll want to measure these areas:

Chest: Measure directly across your nipple line

Upper arms: Measure 7 inches down from the tip of your shoulder and be sure to measure both arms (don’t flex your biceps or triceps)

Waist: Measure at your belly button

Hips: Measure at the widest area of your hips

Abductors: Measure just under your butt (feet tight together)

Thighs: Measure 6 inches down from your inseam and be sure to measure both thighs (have your legs apart and weight evenly distributed on both feet; don’t stand on one foot while either thigh is being measured)

For all of the above; the scale, the jeans and taking your measurements, I recommend that you do this weekly or a few times per month.  No need to do it daily.  If you’re being consistent in eating healthy and working out, you’ll notice that you’ll begin to see changes all over your body.

Wishing you good health!


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