What a week it’s been!  When I last posted an update on my mom, I was sitting here in PA without an accurate diagnosis. Because so many things needed taken care of and that I wanted to be there for my mom, I went home to NC for the week.  This past Thursday, we got the call from the Oncology Office and were asked to meet on Friday morning.  It was nerve wracking to have to wait for an answer these last couple of weeks.  Just the uncertainty of things was so stressful.  Things more or less sounded grim and basically we were just waiting for a time frame on how much time she had left.  When we got to the office and met with her Doctor, we learned that she has Stage 3 cancer.  What a miracle!!!!  She will need chemo, surgery to remove her breast as well as some possible radiation but her outcome is better than we had expected.

I have to tell you all, I’ve never seen cancer until Friday.  The Doctor made it a point for me to look at my mom’s breast.  She wanted me to see what can happen when you leave things untreated.  It’s one scene that I will remember forever!  I’ve never seen cancer and to tell you the truth, I never want to see it again!!!!!  Unfortunately, she let this go for quite some time.  Had she been examined earlier this year, she might have been in a better situation.  After this week, I am scheduling an appointment with my Doctor to get checked out.  I hope that you do the same.  Talk to your Doctor and see what kinds of services are there to help you. 

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