What’s for Dinner?

By Laura Kelly-Pifer

Bob, the girls and I are just coming back from a family vacation and let me tell you that there is nothing that you can’t learn about one another than being in the car for 13 hours straight.  Was it fun?  Was it boring? Were we on each other’s nerves?  The answer to all three is yes.  However, I learned a lot in this trip and I’m spilling the beans…that is at least when it comes to some of our health as a family.  The rest, well, is our little secret. 🙂

For years, I have been asking my family this simple question…”What do you want for dinner?” and, the response would be this…”I don’t know.”  Well, I don’t know about you but I hate that response.  As the primary caregiver, that’s NOT what I wanted to hear.   If you can’t get answers, how can you plan?  And, one of the best things to do when you’re trying to lose weight is to plan your meals and your fitness each week. 

So, I gave them each a sheet of paper, and asked them to supply me with at least 7 meals.  The funny thing is that each of them came up with totally different meal ideas and they listed meals that we would not normally have.  The lists range from Lasagna to pasta salad to chicken wings for example.   They have asked that I limit the grilled chicken breasts, the stir-fries and the salads to a minimum and that they would like to see more variety.  Cool, I can do that and it looks like this dinner rut that we’ve been in is over.

So, here is where my next journey begins…My mission now is to make a healthier version of each of the meals that they have requested.  I also need these meals to fit within my own way of eating (for example, I try to eat gluten free as much as I can as I find it helps keep my Rheumotoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia under control) and the items that I’m shopping for need to fit within our weekly grocery budget.   Also, these meals have to be something that the whole family will eat; I can’t make two meals to please everyone.  They have to be quick and easy also as some nights, I only have 30 minutes to cook.  I like cooking and experimenting with new dishes so this should be fun.  It’s time to get my creative juices flowing and see what happens

So, our meals are all planned for the week and my mission begins.  As I make these family friendly meals, I’ll be sure to share the recipes with you. 

With Love,


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