Why Today Changes Tomorrow

By Laura Kelly-Pifer


This quote came in one of my emails.  I’m not sure where it originated but it’s ironic how things can show up when you need them.  Add a conversation with a friend and several messages from folks and I felt compelled on what I needed to share today.

For years, I was one of those folks that started something and if it didn’t yield the results that I expected right away, I’d give up and move onto the next “shiny object.”  There were times too, that I was afraid of taking a chance because I might look like a fool or it seemed like it might be too risky.  Sometimes my desire wasn’t that strong.

For many of us, we can put up a good talk yet our actions aren’t as strong as our words.  What I mean by that is a) we put up a front as though we “tried” yet our efforts really show we aren’t as committed as we say we are, b) we find an excuse like “time” or “money” and never really begin or c) our struggles can be so overwhelming that we get to a point where it just seems like it’s too much and give up all together.  I’ll be the first one to tell you that I’ve been a, b and c and at many different stages of my life.  Life is not easy, it’s hard work.  And I know that I’ll be faced with choosing to keep going or giving up over and over in my lifetime.

So, that leads me into sharing more of my journey with you….Through some of my greatest struggles, I’ve learned the importance of how our decisions we make today changes tomorrow.  Maybe you can relate.  Let’s say it’s about loosing weight, maybe it’s a business venture, maybe it’s just something on our to do list that we keep putting off.  Whatever it is, we have to decide to move forward or stay where we’re at.  And, that’s where I had to make a decision in regards to my health.

As you may or may not know, I suffer from two chronic pain conditions.  I’ve been fore warned that at some point, I’ll probably develop more.  (Apparently I carry the gene that causes all this.)  On the outside, you’d think that there wasn’t anything wrong with me.  I don’t always have visible signs of having Fibromyalgia (Fibro) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA); they are invisible illnesses.  After many years of being heavily medicated, feeling like a walking zombie and still suffering with pain plus depression, I chose to take back my health.  It wasn’t an overnight thing. I took it day by day and had to be consistent in my actions.  And I’m not perfect.  I had days I’ve slipped up, even knowing that I needed my daily dose of Shakeology, a better, healthier meal plan and physical activity to make me better .  I’m proud to say that as of December, 2011 I am 100% med free and have had only one minor flare. Had I chosen to not move forward with getting better, I can’t really say where I’d be today.  Maybe I’d have a walker or be in a wheel chair.  Just over a year and a half ago, it was taking me 2-3 hours to get out of bed.  So, there’s no telling.  My last series of blood work confirmed that I no longer show a Rh factor.  That means that I’m in remission.  WOOT!!  Now, moving forward….

I know there may be bumps in the road but that’s all they are.  They are just obstacles that might try and bring me down.  I know that I can find a way around them and you can too.  I know that the journey I’ve been on the last 9 years has been long and hard but I’m blessed to be pain free.  I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I give myself credit for and know that YOU ARE TOO!  Next time you want something and are feeling like you’re not making progress, remember the quote I posted above….and than choose not to give up!  Your struggles can bring you some of your greatest strength.

Wishing you good health!


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Laura Kelly-Pifer is a Fitness Coach who strives to help others by giving hope and support to those that are dissatisfied with their current situation. Whether you are lacking physically, emotionally, financially, or nutritionally she is here to help you see REAL RESULTS!

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