I’m not sure if you have ever compared a regular Italian Sausage to a Turkey Italian Sausage but I thought I would. Here are some pics from last night’s dinner.

This is the regular Italian Sausage. Take a look at all of that grease! And to think, my husband loves these, grease and all!

This is a Turkey Italian Sausage. Hardly any grease on it!

I was recently introduced to Turkey Sausage through my friend Kerry. I’m not one for turkey, other than lunch meat, and thought it wouldn’t be near as good. I’m not sure why but I guess mainly because I didn’t care for turkey burgers. Silly I know but I’m just being honest. Since I like to eat healthy and have (for the most part) for several years now I’ll try anything that can benefit me. All I can say is boy was I wrong! These turkey links taste so much better than the “real deal”. If you are one of those folks that thinks that you won’t like a healthier version of something, go ahead and try it anyway. You might be surprised at how good it tastes. For those that like numbers, the Turkey links are 100 calories each whereas the regular links are 270 calories each! What a difference in just calories alone!

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