Here are some things that I want you to start doing if you aren’t already!

1.  Log your daily food intake.  Even if you only list portion sizes and the items you consumed,   it will allow you a quick look at what you are actually eating and drinking.  You  might be surprised at what you actually eat in a day.   One bite here, another bite there all adds up.  You’ll then be able to see where you need to change your diet.

2. Jot your mood down.  Just a basic smiley face or frowny face will do.  You can elaborate more if you’d like.

3.  Did you exercise?  If not, why?  What was your excuse or in some cases excuses.  Make a note if you had any problems with your workout or anything else that will help you follow your progress.

4.  Don’t forget to make positive notes also, (i.e. today I did 3 more pushups then yesterday or I didn’t eat any of the donuts offered at work today).  This will help you see you’re progress.

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