Everyone knows that exercise is crucial to getting and staying healthy, right?   Still, I have folks tell me that they aren’t working out because they are afraid they’ll look silly in front of others and so on and so on.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I am one of the most uncoordinated people out there.  But, I’ve decided that I want to have fun and I want to be healthy.  If I’m moving, I’m burning calories.  And, every little bit counts.

No matter if I do it at home or at the gym, I’ve decided that I have the power.   I can’t allow others to control me because I’m concerned about my self-image because it will then be harder to reach my goals.

So, I’m here to tell you that you don’t look silly when you work out.  Get out there and enjoy yourself.  If you’re uncomfortable working out in front of others, that’s okay.  There are a variety of DVD’s that you can use to help you reach your goals.

I have faith that you CAN do this, and WILL do this, guess what — you will.



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